Our company has been successfully operating since 2019 and supplies chemical reagents to industrial enterprises in Kazakhstan such as mining and metallurgical plants, light and food industry plants, centralized water supply and sanitation facilities, oil companies, as well as fertilizers for peasant farms.

Our company is a direct supplier to manufacturing plants in China, Europe and Asia and has all exclusive rights to supply the chemical products and raw materials they produce in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Many years of experience allows us to quickly and profitably purchase the product you are interested in. Also, one of the advantages of our company is the presence of a network of warehouses throughout Kazakhstan which ensures the availability of products in the range and timely delivery of products.

We operate with transparency, from pricing to logistics.

3yxmgcpaz46t18l80v4juji13izveagh.pngOUR MISSION

To provide enterprises in the industrial sector with high-quality chemical products to achieve better operating results.

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